Having issues ordering? Well in this section I will guide you through the process, which is so simple even a Tusken raider can do it!

Ordering coasters:

Click on the Coaster product and you will see this;

Good. Now, have you chosen which image you want on your coaster? No? No problem;

Simply scroll down to the catalouge pages then click and browse. These are separated by category such as Medical, Law, Education and Music as you can see here, as well as many more.

Have you noticed how under each image there is the title of the art work ?  Find the image that you'd like to buy and take note of that Title or name...

...because that title/ namegoes in the Catalouge name box as you might have noticed on this picture, so type it there and add to bag if that's what you'd be buying.

But wait, what if I want to buy more than one?

Well, you raise the quantity number to your preference and type the appropriate number of titles in the box like this:

What are the dashes with the number next to the title(s)? That's the quantity of coasters for that certain image, you may want several of the same so use this for any combination. This should allow you to avoid the time consuming way of adding one by one to the bag.

Got your selection and you're ready to check out? Well hit that 'Add to bag' button.

The drag and drop to cart box option may not work too well and I'm still trying to fix that one so please IGNORE that little drag to cart box at the corner of the site, for now anyway.

What if I want a picture with frame?

Well do the same thing except now you have an extra option; the option of frame color! Which is fine untill you raise that quantity number and realize you can still only choose one color option.

I have adapted the dash option method to this as well so click the image below and take note.

Good, now you can order anything and everything in this site. Lastly I'll answer the one question for the observant individuals who noticed the estimated shipping price in the pictures seemed way too high: No that is not a set amount of shipping price. Upon ordering you would have the option of many methods of shipping with varying prices, certainly with more economical choices.

So then, if there are any more questions please send it to us via our contact us prompt located in the About us tab or if you have our direct email use it.

Thank you.